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    Fill out this section if student is under 18 years of age. (In Vancouver this applies to students under 19 years of age)

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  • Homestay supplements (only where advertised - charges apply)
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  • Luggage retainer
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    Accommodation Option 2 (if first choice is not available)

    Other accommodation supplements may apply, including seasonal supplements during the summer or at Christmas. See price list or speak to a Kaplan representative for details.

    Kaplan Representative Information

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    For all partner bookings, please confirm who will be responsible for the total payment of this booking by selecting an option below
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    Medical Conditions

    Do you have a disability, impairment, or long-term medical condition which may affect your studies?
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  • If yes, please provide medical documentation from a relevant treating professional detailing the impact of your condition on your ability to meet academic demands. Please see our Terms and Conditions (Application Process / 6. Health Declaration)

    Additional Services (Charges apply)

    Would you like Kaplan Travel and Medical Insurance?
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  • (If not, you will need to organise your own medical insurance)
    If you are travelling to Australia, would you like Overseas Student Health Cover?
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  • (Mandatory for student visa)
    Would you like an airport transfer?
    (Please send flight details to your Kaplan representative)
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  • On departure?
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  • I would also like to book the following services
  • Internship Placement (Available in London, Dublin, and Auckland)

  • University Placement Service

  • Courier service for visa documentation
  • Payment

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  • The application fee
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    I authorise any licensed hospital or physician to initiate medical treatment for myself in case of medical emergency or for my child if he/she is under 18 years of age.*
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    Please return the completed form to the Kaplan International Languages booking office or to your local representative.